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A Diet Plan To Lose Weight — 12 Comments

  1. Good stuff. I’m pretty much Paleo these days and so all you’ve written makes sense to me. Having a gluten intolerance helps as well because I simply can’t eat any wheat products at all.

    Leaving out breads and potatoes and all the other carbs is wonderful because, of course, they just convert to sugar anyway.

    What you’re doing is also great for your gut; and if you’ve got a healthy gut, the rest will follow, including your brain.

    I also agree with you that food has to become a life-style thing, alongside everything else you’re doing. I walk the dog for at least 30 minutes every morning; a great way to start the day.

    Great post. Thanks.

    • Thanks Ken. The more I go through my email (I’m a big animal fan) and see the abuse that animals must endure, no matter what kind of animal it might be, makes me think that I don’t want to eat them anymore either. I don’t want to be responsible for the killing of any animal, no matter what it is. On the other hand, I’m now reading that eating “beans” as a protein is not good for us either. I’ve always heard otherwise; that they are a great resource for protein. So, more investigation is on my plate but at least I enjoy reading.
      I’m glad you were able to get something out of my post. The dog walking for 30 minutes in the morning is an excellent way to get your exercise on. Unfortunately yesterday our fair city got dumped on about 4 – 6 inches of snow with a crusty ice all over. Now in Portland, we very rarely get snow so it disrupts everything which would include a 30 minute walk with the dog. Especially for a senior woman. But any other 363 days of the year, rain never hurt anyone!

  2. It’s so nice to hear someone finally say that diets don’t work. Because honestly you always lose weight and then when you go back to eating normally, you gain it all back and more. What we need is indeed a lifestyle change and you just lay it out there so people can see the cold hard truth. You make a good point about moving too, we are much to sedentary now days. A long time ago we we always up doing something, but now we spend our time on the computer or watching tv, and we need to get up and move, even if it’s while we are watching tv, we can exercise while the tv is on. No on said we had to sit on the couch to watch tv. And I like your idea of rewarding yourself for milestones that you reach. It makes it more rewarding to give yourself a little gift or pamper yourself for reaching that fitness and weight loss goal. I have read a couple of the books you mentioned but will be looking up some of the others. You really make some great points that I plan to implement, because you’re right, it’s a change for life not just a small “I need to fit into this dress” kind of deal.

    • Thanks for the comments made on my diet plan post! I know it’s always easier said than done too. We never get snow where I live here in Oregon but it snowed last week about six inches and it has been so cold here that nothing has thawed so the streets and back roads are almost impossible to drive on, let alone walk on so, yes, here I sit for the fifth day in a row.

      Take care; hope to hear that you are up and jumping around! I’m getting too old for that too.



  3. Interesting post. I would love to hear more about the Atkins diet. One of my new year resolution is to lose weight(pretty much the same for everyone). I am really just trying to lose 30 pounds, I am pretty sure I can do it but it takes a lot of discipline and it’s really hard to find the time to work out. I have heard a lot of positive feedback regarding the Atkins diet so I am willing to try it. Can you tell me what was most difficult for you when you tried this diet?

    • Kay: Thanks for coming by. The Atkins diet is pretty easy to live with if you can kick the carbs to the street and stay away from them. There is no diet soda; which was hard for me. But back in the day he said ok to Tab and Fresca. I don’t think they make Tab anymore; I used to love it. But they do make Fresca. There’s probably others that you can have now. I put a link there in the article where you can purchase the book through Amazon. It’s not expensive at all. Just a little paperback. The hardest thing to deal with for me was the low low carbs; I didn’t care about the bread and potatoes but the fruit? I love fruit and I think he lets you have a little bit after you go in to ketosis; you’ll have to read the book for that one. No alcohol. Small salads. Lots of protein and fats at every meal, three meals a day too. I wish you all the best. The hardest thing totally was staying with protein day in and day out with no fruit for me. But I did it and lost a lot of weight and later gained it all back. Everybody is different though; good luck, and “read the book first”. Rene

  4. You make some great points. This has really helped me get motivated to lose some weight and actually get exercising! I have always been disillusioned by diets that don’t work, so hearing you say they don’t just confirms it! Now that I know I need a lifestyle change, not a diet, I can finally become healthy – whatever weight that may be – and continue running.

    • Hello Charlotte! Thanks for stopping by and saying hello on your way through. I’m glad we could be of some help. Getting started at anything can just take my will power and get up and go and leave me sitting there in the dust. Once I quit exercising, it is so darn hard for me to get started again, it’s a pathetic scene. It’s so true if you think about losing weight and the diet word, diet always has the connotation of a temporary thing, at least to me it does. Therefore, it would never work for me, it never has. But a lifestyle change is just that. A total change, never to go back. When I first started this change of life eating habits, I gave up bread, any kind of bread which includes any kind of pastry, rice, wheat, stuffing, anything that had sugar in it (unless my blood sugar gets too low). I do have a glass of wine once in a while. I also watch what kind of fruit I eat. So that was a huge change for me. Come back and tell us how you’re doing with your changes, if you don’t mind? Thanks again, have a lovely week.

  5. This is the good stuff – I’m sure a lot of folks will find this super useful. Especially those looking for a way to shed that unwantes lard off!

    Couldn’t agree more with what you said about making lifestyle changes. Actually, making a diet plan part of your lifestyle, this is a plan bound to work. Doing something for a short period of time will never be sufficient.

    I also like the fact that you advocate for supplements, I believe they do add up to the whole weight loss regime. Cheers and thanks again!

    • Hello Simon:

      Thanks so much for your comments on my post about losing weight. It is really important to have a plan of sorts when trying to lose weight; especially if it is going to help save your life. And yes, our food sources are so depleted of vital nutrients that supplementing with vitamins and minerals is extremely important but more important that you know which ones you will need.

      I can tell you that I won’t lose a pound, even when dieting, without moving a few muscle.

      Thanks again for coming by!


  6. Hi Rene, cute article. Shoo, giving up sugar and wheat! Those are biggies. Yet I totally agree with you, they HAVE to go! I try and fail and try and fail. I love your fun approach of setting up a new lifestyle. You gave me some hope that I could do this! Very motivational, thanks. The only point I would differ on is cutting out fruits. I believe that fruits offer the correct sugars, with fibre and nutrients the body needs. I find when I eat fruit all morning I don’t crave the naughty sugars in the afternoon. To me, natural is always better. Just my take.Use it, don’t use it. Like you said, this new style is you alone. 🙂

    • Lauren: Hey thanks for the comments and the opinions; I’m not always right you know (lol); ha. I never thought about comparing the healthy sugar to the unhealthier ones that I always crave. I did totally quit buying anything with sugar added, desserts, prepared goodies, pies, doughnuts, etc. There is a frozen fruit bar that I do purchase called Outshine; the grape and mango are my favorites. But they come in all flavors and most have pieces of real fruit in them. The other thing that I like is homemade pumpkin pie but I use real cream and sugar substitute instead of sweetened condensed milk. I think that when I mention not eating fruits, especially fresh fruits, I must have been looking at them as carbs, which they really a big portion of and of course, when you remove the pulp part of the fruit, leaving only the juice, you are looking at almost 100% sugar and sugar is just that. Sugar turns to ?fat.

      I recall a diet that I tried many years ago and it had you eat nothing but fruit before noon, and cutting all fruit for the rest of the day. You could eat protein but could not combine it with any carb, so protein and veges only or carbs and veges only for the remainder of the day.

      But at my age and being diabetic type 2 changes so many things for me and especially being diabetic, I have to really measure the sugar (any sugar) that I eat. The docs, clinics, and other diabetic sites all say that “sugar is sugar” and it doesn’t matter whether it’s white, brown, honey, agave nectar, etc. The diabetic side of the equation would be the part of the equation that regulates the amount of sugar eaten and fruit is full of it so we must cut out as much as possible.

      Thanks for your comments and such cheerfulness too.

      Take care; God Bless.


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