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  1. Interesting article on type 2 diabetes, my mother has diabetes and I worry about me being a diabetic as well one day.

    She become diabetic in her 60’s, I am in my late 50’s now, I don’t have the symptoms in your article, but is there anything I am able to do to avoid becoming diabetic when it is my family genes?

    • Jeffrey:

      Is your mother a type I or type II diabetic? If she is a type II and that’s what it sounds like because she didn’t become diabetic until she was in her 60’s, then you don’t have anything to worry about unless you are a sugar eater, way over weight, non-exerciser, don’t take care of yourself physically or mentally? You don’t become diabetic because of these reasons but they do not help you to remain healthy. If she was diabetic type I, this is the diabetes that is hereditary and she would probably have been on insulin your whole life and you could possibly become type I yourself.

      Take care of yourself, don’t drink soda pop. Eat high protein and low carb, it will keep you lean and fit. Lots of great exercise and fresh air, just stay active!

      Good luck to you.


  2. For type 2 diabetes: go to YouTube and search for DR Jason Fung. There’s so many videos about diabetes and weight loss, but I truly believe that his are the best! I fast every day for 12 to 20 hours. Intermittent fasting, IF, and my blood sugar levels are now normal, after being close to the 300 range. Wishing you great health, longevity and true happiness in your life’s journey!!

    • Hello Shoshawna! Thanks very much for your very kind words; we wish you all of the same and hopefully the very best that life hs. We will also visit the You Tube videos to find Dr. Jason Fung’s work. His name sounds very familiar so it’s quite possible I have heard of him or read his work before too. I hope that you will keep in touch with us and stop back by to see how I do with the intermittent fasting too. Take care of yourself and please celebrate each wonderful day you get with your loved ones and family! Rene

  3. RenelMiller,
    I don’t suffer from type 2 diabetes but I know quite a few people who do. They have not had any of the symptoms that you mention in your article. They where surprised to find out they had type 2 diabetes. They had actually gained weight and not lost that is why they originally had gone to the doctors. You have valuable information here and many more people should read up on diabetes.

    • Hello Monica! So glad you read the post and yes, I too had none of these symptoms and much like the people that you know, I also gained weight. This is why I couldn’t understand that I even had diabetes type 2. Other than all symptoms they list? I get an occasional sharp pain in my right thigh which would be the beginnings of neuropathy and about once a month I do something to cause a hypoglycemic episode which is really a scary feeling.  But the last 3 days I have eaten oatmeal for my breakfast, and not taken any Metformin for blood sugar care, my a1c count has been at 119 mg/dL which is extremely good for diabetes. I never recognized that I was extremely thirsty because I drank all the time, and not water either. I love diet lemonade soda because it’s not too sweet and sometimes I mix it with seltzer water. I have changed my eating habits though to include sugar once in a while; maybe once a week. But if you have friends or people that you do know that are diabetic with t-2 or people who might even be prediabetic; I have just finished my first ebook and it’s free to download. Just have them click on the link to my website and they can download the ebook! https://livingsimplehealth.com and thanks again so much for stopping by. Keep yourself in good health which I preach on a lot throughout my site and you’ll never have to worry about diabetes…

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