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  1. Thank you for having such a well informed and positive website. I am glad that I came by today and found the information really useful. Thank you again.

    • Thanks Bec for stopping by; I’m glad you found us! I want you to know that I’ve read your post about Australian Raw Honey and found it to be really impressive. I can’t wait to see if I can find it here somewhere in the states; I’d love to try it. Glad to see that you made it by to check us out.

  2. Great article! I had no idea coconut oil has so many great benefits! I heard it was a great dietary supplement but I didn’t really know why until I read your article. I like your idea of mixing a couple of teaspoons of coconut oil with my morning protein shake. Can you tell me is coconut oil thin like olive oil or is it kind it thick like Crisco?

    • Hi Dave: Coconut oil comes either way. While the thick, white crisco looking is probably been the most popular, I have been seeing the runny clear coconut oil too. The white crisco looking is the kind I use, just make sure it says Organic or Virgin on it so you aren’t getting something that is mixed with other ingredients into it. You can get it so it tastes like coconut (kind of) or so that it has been treated and they removed the coconut flavor. Thanks for taking the time to read and comment. Rene

  3. Hi Rene, very interesting read, thank you. I have a website about healthy super foods in Dutch and I promote the use of coconut oil too. Our food is so important to keep our health. When I look in the supermarket around me, there is a whole lot of education about healthy food necessary. Coconut is the best oil to use. And I see 8 boxes on the shelf next to hundreds of wrong fats.

    I am a veggie, not because I do not like meat, but it’s better for my health, the environment, and the animals. I like to be the change I want to see in the world. I do believe that eating meat is the main cause of colon cancer. I listen to what my body says, and from dairy products, I get a very nasty taste afterward, that indicates for me, it’s not good for my body. So no milk too.

    I also use less sugar as humanly possible, they put it into everything nowadays. And bad bacteria and cancer cells are very fond of refined sugar, they multiply like rats of it. I usually use stevia sweetener. Ace-K and aspartame are pure poison too. I cook everything myself and use mostly products without addition.

    So no meat, no diary, no sugar. My mom says, oehww boring. No, it isn’t!

    There is so much tasty food left, to name a few: Cranberries, nuts, whole grain cracker (with honey), tomatoes, cucumber, all kind of fruits, olives, coconut, sun-dried tomato, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, soy products, little home-made pizza etc. I am enjoying every bite of them:))

    35% of the world population has obesity now, and diabetic diseases are increasing daily. There has to be a change in eating behavior. People are eating themselves sick without knowing it.

    The other day, I read the ingredients of a “Healthy biological muesli bar”. It said 33% sugar! And they sell it for healthy? Who is kidding who?

    Please people, when you read this, start checking up the ingredients list on every package before you buy! It’s your body where you play Russian roulette with.

    • Loes: Thanks for responding; I know there is so much information now on my website it’s impossible to keep up with it. But you are spot on about eating healthy foods. I think that taste buds get ruined when people eat sugar. They are eating it in massive amounts today. Did I tell you that there are over 86 million people in the USA who are prediabetic? I don’t know how they come up with these numbers? But I know that it has to be accountable before they can publish a number like that. They say it is 86 million and counting and that within three years, most of those people will be type 2 diabetic. That’s insane. I’m sure that big pharma is counting on those numbers too so that they know exactly how much they can pocket! It makes me sick. When I was diagnosed, my dr said “you are prediabetic”; and he offered no other information. He didn’t tell me what it was, he didn’t tell me how to make it so that I didn’t become type 2 either. I didn’t ask “exactly what is that, and what does that mean” either, but only because I was so sick and in the hospital from another infection. Infection = inflammation. And inflammation means that there is something wrong in the body that you need to care for, right now. So naturally, I kept up my lifestyle and didn’t bother to do any investigation because I trusted my doctor to keep me informed with what is wrong with my body. Then after the last ten years had gone by and I had my blood checked, my dr tells me “you’re diabetic”; that’s all he said. He did say he would give me a prescription to take everyday but he didn’t tell me that if I changed my eating patterns, changed my lifestyle a bit that I could make my body well so that I would not have to take any medications at all. He didn’t say another word about it. I changed doctors after being hospitalized for pneumonia for a four day stint. Do you know how expensive that is? I finally did get my education in type 2 diabetes while hospitalized though. Interestingly, my nurses educated me, and fast. My diet changed the first day in the hospital and I’ve been tweaking it ever since. I finally quit drinking the diet soda last week, finally. I’ve been drinking it for over 30 years now. I quit smoking two years ago but I don’t know if that is going to be soon enough for the diseases that set in from smoking. I know they say that my lungs are in great shape but it doesn’t mean “no cancer” ever.
      I could go on and on about lifestyle changes, diet, health, and lying, cheating, and doctors who are on “big pharma’s payroll” (bribed doctors). It’s interesting to watch and hear how people respond when trying to warn them about this disease. People just don’t seem to get it or understand how bad it is. That is until they are diagnosed. Kind of the same way that I was but I was this way because my doctors didn’t make a big stink about how sick I was going to become if I didn’t do something, and fast.
      Thanks again for coming by and leaving some great comments. I hope that many people read your post! It’s great to hear from people out there that understand what they are doing to their bodies.

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