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Diabetes and Feet — 6 Comments

  1. Having diabetes and numbness in my feet, I constantly keep my eyes on my feet. I know that diabetes is serious and I check my feet every day. I am going to a new doctor since I moved out of state and have my feet checked regularly. The pictures here are gross and I sure don’t want infections or anything worse. I wasn’t aware that I shouldn’t be cutting my own nails either. Good point!

    • Hi Rob: Great to meet you and glad you did learn “no no, do not cut anything near your feet” get someone professional to do it for you. Yeah, I have a friend who has neuropathy in both feet and during our last snow she was wearing boots to go outside but they were too big for her little feet. She bruised the bottom of her foot which immediately turned into a serious infection and they have to remove a large part of her big toe. But they managed to get the infection under control quickly, she listened and did what her doctor told her to do. Now she is back wearing her regular shoes from the walking cast/boot they had her wearing. Take care of those feet, they are the only ones that you have. I’m so scared of turning my type 2 into something else like heart disease/failure or a stroke! I’ve been taking my blood reading/finger poke every day. There are times though when I just have to have something sweet to eat. I don’t know how you feel about eating veges and meat all the time. I guess it would be great if I had someone to cook for me once in a while too.

      Please take care of yourself. I know the pictures are gross but I did pick them that way because it is a very real thing and I was hoping to get people to take notice!

      Stay in touch! It was great to hear from you.


  2. Hi, thankyou for your article I found the information really interesting and helpful. My father who just turned 80 has recently been diagnosed with type two diabetes and he’s told me he’s having trouble with his feet lately. So im going to get him to read your article. This has been really helpful, thankyou so much.

    • Hello Rob: Thanks ever so much for your comments and hopefully your dad can get some help from our blog. However, not all people have visual problems with their feet, especially as we get older. If there is numbness in the feet, then it is something else entirely and not much to do with how the feet look. When we don’t eat properly, we develop neuropathy in many places, like in the legs and feet. With neuropathy we develop places where we don’t have any feeling so it makes it much easier to hurt ourselves and not even know it. Thus we end up with amputations from injuries that turn into infections and go untreated for some time. I know of one elderly man who had an injury that wasn’t caught in time and it is now a gangrene issue but he refuses to have his foot amputated and sits around in his wheelchair smelling rotting flesh throughout the day. Many complications without proper diet.

      Hopefully, he has good medical care who are looking out for him too.

      Thanks again for your comments. Let me know how he is doing, will you?

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