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  1. Hello Rene

    I love Dr. Mercola.
    The big sugar companies will not tell you about published facts that they find. They only want to sell anything that can make them money and sweep the facts under the rug. Aspartame is just as toxic as sugar. It only takes 2 weeks of consuming either one to get a fatty liver. By consuming one 12 ounce drink every day for 1 year you will gain 15 lbs.
    Keep pumping out these great articles.

    • Hello Jimmy! So glad you made it to my home away from home. Dr. Mercola seems to be pretty right on about many things. He takes the time to really study them or he has a whole host of people who work for him and teach him anything he tells then to find out about. I’m sure he is a very busy person. Bhe he even has supplements and vitamins now that are supposed to be very helpful. The most helpful supplement that I have tried so far in the last two years is a powder and it is called “calm”. It has magnesium in it and I mix it with green tea. They have a few flavors buy my favorite is raspberry lemon and mixed with green tea and a bit of stevia, it’s almost like a cool summer drink if you put it on ice. It has many great benefits including giving you this aura of calm all around you. It also helps me to get the sleep I need at night and it helps to keep me regular (if you know what I mean).I take a medication that binds everything and makes it hard for me to go but this magnesium “Calm” keeps me cool as a cucumber. Thanks again for visiting my friend. Come back again some day.

    • Jimmy: I am having a hard time duplicating this problem. Can you please tell me what happens when you try to download the ebook? It’s hard when people don’t tell you about what they cannot get to.


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