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Drink A High Protein Shake — 4 Comments

  1. Wow. I didn’t know it contained stevia for the sweetener. My uncle is a diabetic and was looking for some type of Shake that tastes good but without sugar. I’m going to have to show him this awesome read, not to mention all of the other benefits. Thank you for this!

    • Hey Ilario! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a note about your diabetic uncle. I know how he feels trying to find a good protein powder without sugar and other garbage in it. It took me a while to find one that I could trust but believe me when I say that BioTrust has four different kinds of protein and it is sweetened with stevia, which is the only sweetener the is recommended that we take because it is all natural. This company has the best flavors too and I always add like half a banana and even some plain Greek yogurt. Keeps me filled up till my next meal or you can even add a whole bunch more stuff and use the drink as a meal! Take care and tell your uncle to come by. Rene

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