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  1. Thank you for this post Rene. There is always more to learn on the subject of diabetes. This is a disease that is rampant in the world today, especially in America. And I am so grateful for people like you who continue to educate us on the facts about this disease. I am sure that this information can help people. I have a brother who has diabetes and he has to take a shot in his stomach for it. We are hopeful that he will be able to reverse the disease. Thanks again Rene for all you do.

    • Thanks Michelle for your support and comments that only cement the fact that what I am doing is a good thing. I am hoping to reach the masses of people because with the epidemic of diabetes one and two, worldwide that number is 410 million plus.  In America we have 86 millions people who are prediabetic and it’s so important that people get their blood glucose checked with their next doctor visit. Since most of the time there are no symptoms and therefore people don’t even recognize that there might be something wrong with them. Trying to tell people that even though there might be a little belly fat, they don’t have to be necessarily obese to be diabetic. Or a person might always be a big water drinker and not recognize the fact that they have been overly thirsty today. And even there could be some unexplained weight loss, which is another symptom but something that never happens to me. I don’t recall having any symptoms except for extra dry skin that was peeling and flaking from my hands and my head. I also just found out that tinnitus is another symptom and I have had tinnitus for a couple of years now. I can remember hearing this noise in my hearing, like an ocean flowing back and forth and not understanding where it is coming from. They want me to have my hearing tested to rule out hearing loss and I hear things just fine. I recently read an article on the reason behind the tinnitus which I will do a blog post about because this symptom is scary, very unnerving.

      I almost wrote another post here to you today; just thanking you again and knowing that you have a brother who is diabetic, you might gain some insight about what he is going through. 

      Take care and God Bless you; stay in touch.

  2. Hello Miller,

    Greetings, I agree with you very well that diabetes is a very strange disease that no body would want to welcome it into his or her life.

    I’m sorry for you that you ever had such an experience. You will definitely not take it easy at all. But most importantly, I appreciate this article so much, because you have helped me to see what practical measures I can take so that I will avoid the risk of getting type 2 diabetes.

    I will surely make it me practice to be visiting the hospital more often for check up and blood test as you said to know what is going on in my system.

    Thanks so much for sharing this information with me.

    • Thanks Stephen for your comment and I am glad that you are more educated on what Diabetes Type 2 can do to you. I’m also glad to hear that you will be tested for it. Not sure what country you live in but they all know what Diabetes Type 2 is and some more than others, are very well aware of how to treat it. Believe it or not some countries are more holistic and use more organic approaches to treating it rather than using Big Pharma medications. For instance I have found that Berberine is very adequate in treating my blood sugar levels and bring the numbers down to where they should be. In fact, it is so adequate that it has pushed me too far into the hypoglycemic state but that was my own fault for not eating a proper meal before taking it. It works great though and there is a link in my website for the purchase of Berberine is anyone happens to be interested.

      Thanks again Stephen, have a great rest of the summer and fall, which is rapidly approaching.

  3. Hi Rene, thanks for this extremely interesting and knowledgeable article. I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes a few years ago. The doctors tried to bully me into taking all sorts of dodgy pharmaceuticals. Luckily, i went off and did my own research. It soon became obvious to me that the doctors were either useless at their jobs or were acting as salesmen for the Big Pharmas. I know control my condition using exercise and all natural methods – cinnamon, turmeric, grapefruit, various fermented foods, good quality meat… All of them do a far better job than the pills that were offered to me.

    Anyway, keep up the great work and spread the word!

    Best, al

    • Hey Al, that’s great news. Keeping your A1C numbers way down then are you? I can’t say how proud I am of you to just buck up and do it on your own. After a while you should be able to clear your pancreas of the fatty deposits that are keeping it from developing the insulin that it’s supposed to. Once those are gone and your pancreas starts working again; your headed to cured! Great for you. You are so right about doctors and Big Pharma; most of them are sleeping together. Keep us posted.


  4. Hey, I think your posts about being a diabetic, the struggles you go through, and your honesty about how it feels is a real blessing to those who are suffering through it, and who would be comforted in knowing that they are not alone, and, also that they should never give up hope. Thank you so much for your efforts and caring heart.

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