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The Food Pyramid and Diabetes — 4 Comments

  1. Hi Rene, Very nice name, by the way.

    I enjoyed reading your articles, especially The Food Pyramid and Diabetes. You share a lot of great information and I have to tell you, ever since I was in High School and I learned about the food pyramid, there was something that I never liked and didn’t believe in it (didn’t exactly know what it was though), and it’s funny that now that’s the cause of so much illness spreading around. I really hope your blogs are read by many. I will do my part and share it.
    I noticed you are adding a new page called “required resting” are you adding the content any time soon? I’d really like to read that.

    Best of luck to you,


    • Yeah great name don’t you think? Although I got stuck with the male form of it and I think it was because my mother wanted a son when I was born but got a girl instead. She should have just named me Henry. No, just kidding, it’s a great name.

      Yes, I’m going to add a page about proper rest and what it really does mean because I don’t sleep well at night and I found out some things about myself and what real resting does for us. So sometime here soon, I’ll get started on that.

      Thanks for sharing my site with whoever you can. I’ll be eternally grateful.


  2. I enjoyed visiting your website and reading the blot about the food pyramid. I’m in totally agreement with you. I certainly wish my doc has told me I could cure my prediabetes by losing the weight and encouraged me to do that. Maybe I wouldn’t be so unhealthy now and I would have started correcting my diet a long time ago.

    • Oh boy Shirley! Are you stuck in the no sugar zone too? They say it’s the best way to get on top of the diabetic issues. Just stop eating sugar period. That should take care of any prediabetes. But I can tell when I have had sugar now; if I’ve slipped and had a piece of pie or a little bit of ice cream? I have some nerve damage in my right leg and when I have any sugar at all, that nerve shoots down my leg and is quite painful. But I figured if I simply cut out all sugar and when it comes to the homemade stuff on holidays, I have the tiniest little bit because let’s face it, no one is super human! So even if you are years in to your diagnosis, you can stop many many other diseases from happening if you cut the sugar out totally now! Don’t give up on yourself. There is too much really bad stuff that can happen. Blindness, gangrene, removal of limbs, kidney disease, cancer, and the list goes on and on. And I have met people who have just given up; one very close friend passed away because he refused to quit drinking. This is a devastating ugly disease but it was man made, and so it can be undone. Take care. I hope we see more of you hanging out with us.

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