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What’s A Pancreas? — 2 Comments

  1. Hi Rene, Thanks for the interesting article about the Pancreas’ role in controlling insulin production. Have you managed to stabilise your diabetes through diet? My brother did 1 month detox and yoga in Thailand and came back so much better – lost tons of weight and slashed his medicine intake. It’s so important to approach disease with a wholistic approach and not just depend on medicine.

    • Hello Soraya: Thanks for connecting with us and sharing the story of how your brother did succeed with his diet recalibration! It sounds like a great place to go for a life altering experience. I’m glad to here your brother is doing better too. So many people think that they can just keep taking a pill or an injection without making any other changes. Unfortunately for them, it just doesn’t work that way. It does tickle me pink that someone went through some life changes to save their body and mental health because in the end diabetes sounds so incredibly ugly. Almost as bad as cancer; especially if you have to go through amputations and Alzheimer’s disease too. I’m on a roll to involve as many thousands of people that I can in getting their blood tested. Did you know that there are over 86 million people in the US alone who are prediabetic now? Wow. Your brother just extended his life by decades; I hope he is young so he has lots of time to enjoy.

      Take care of yourself; keep us posted.


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