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  1. So if it’s in our tap water, how does it affect us during showers and baths? I assume we absorb some of these chemicals when we’re bathing, perhaps differently than when we’re drinking the tap water. i agree, those home filtration systems are really affordable and hopefully remove most of that stuff.

    • Penelope: Yes, you bet we still take a bath or shower in it; that’s the only way we are going to get clean, right? But would you go swimming in an ocean now knowing that the explosion at the last nuclear site was leaking all of their radiation as fast as possible into the waters that flow around the world? It goes from that nuclear site into their ocean, water mixes it ebbs and flows everywhere on our earth. It is flowing out and it poisons all of our sea life; that water is connected to other oceans and travels all over the world. The gases leaking from that explosion are floating as fast as possible with the winds all over the earth and then the rain washes those gases out of the air down into the land and water; all water systems which include the ones that contain the water that comes through the pipes into your home. You have nothing at either end of those pipes to remove any of these toxins. There were 13 of 14 of them listed and it would be interesting to see how many show up in your water flowing into your home. Your water is clear and you cannot see these toxins but it doesn’t mean they aren’t there. It is killing you with every drink that you take. The garbage toxins settle in your glands, lymph nodes, etc. You have pores in your skin. These are not toxins that you see or feel over night. Would you have a baby now knowing what perchlorate does to the embryo? This is bad bad stuff. People think because their water is clear and tastes alright that it’s ok to drink. We are a very trusting bunch of people thinking that our government is good and they are going to take care of us and would never allow these kinds of things to hurt us; do you think they really care? Do you think that they are drinking their tap water?

      Education is key! If you are really interested in protecting your body, your very precious organs, lymph nodes, your female anatomy, child bearing abilities? I lost all of it! I had to have a hysterectomy and then my thyroid got sick and I developed Graves Disease, which was from the exposure at Chernobyl when I was visiting in W Germany, so I had to have a surgery to remove my thyroid. These two surgeries alone have had a devastating effect on the rest of my body. They wanted me to swallow two capsules of MORE RADIATION to kill my thyroid instead of having a surgery to remove it. Are they crazy?



      “PHOENIX — More than 200 million Americans drink water containing potentially dangerous amounts of a carcinogen made famous by environmental activist Erin Brockovich, according to a report released this week.

      The average water sample in Phoenix had the highest level of the toxin among water utilities nationwide serving more than 1 million customers, with almost 400 times the amount of chromium-6 that California scientists set as a health goal. But because that number is an average, it doesn’t quite represent the levels of chromium-6 in the water that customers drink, a city water official said.”

      Did you ever watch the movie Erin Brockovich? It’s real, the people and animals in that movie suffered horrific diseases from just one toxin, let along 13 or 14.

      Sorry I got off on a tangent here but this is something that is very real and the American people are going to really suffer from many different catastrophic diseases from this kind of stuff and the EPA wants to raise the amount of radiation limits in our drinking water, in cases of emergency? Wow. Tell me it’s not worth 3 or 4 hundred bucks to protect yourself from this kind of stuff? Then you can take showers or baths in clean water.

  2. Hi Rene!

    It is crazy how much stuff can be in the tap water!!

    Is there a particular water test that you would recommend to use? Also, is there a certain filtration system for the home that you could suggest?

    Have you tested the water from the filtration system at home? Was there a big difference?


    – Nicole

    • Nicole: The water supplies in all states have already been tested by the EPA and other agencies. In over 44 states, the drinking water supplies all tested positive for radiation and iodine (the toxic kind) which can only be removed from the drinking water with an in home filtration system that not only uses reverse osmosis which catches all toxins except for gaseous toxins. In order to filter the gaseous toxins, you have to use a system that has a 2nd and 3rd filtration made to remove the gases. The filtration system, after installed in my home, gives pure H20.

      I have heard and spoken with water filtration companies that talk you into these big expensive systems for “pure drinking water” in your home and when I asked them about the reverse osmosis to remove radiation and the 2nd or 3rd filtration to catch the gas toxins, they knew nothing about what I was saying? So I hope that anyone who wishes to clean up their drinking water at home does due diligence before spending thousands of dollars on a filtration system that doesn’t get the nitty gritty out of the drinking water.

      Yes, there is a huge difference! By using the in home reverse osmosis system removing the radiation and iodine gases, you aren’t getting those toxins down your throat and into your body where they settle and do the damage that man has wrought on the rest of us who put our trust into our governments to protect us from this kind of garbage.

      Thanks for your comments.

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